Children [chil-druhn]
plural of child

1) A boy or girl
2) A person between birth and full growth
3) A son or daughter
4) The only people in the world with the power to break your heart repeatedly, make you shed a million tears, and be forgiven every single time

I love my children unconditionally. It breaks my heart that it seems out of my power to keep them safe from the dangers of the world, however hard I try. And try I do, desperately, over and over again.
It seems ridiculous that my life experiences count for nothing in the eyes of my teenager. I have been your age, I hear myself say, I have felt similar things to you. She looks at me like I’m making up stories that she just isn’t prepared to listen to. She is invincible, in her eyes, no harm can come to her because she knows how to handle whatever comes at her. But she doesn’t, not really, and I am frightened for her. She is too trusting of strangers and I can’t see how it can end well.
I ask for advice and I get told, ‘Sometimes they have to make their own mistakes. They need to see it for themselves before they’ll learn from it’. Why can’t we skip that step and have her learn from the mistakes of others? I just want her safe and happy.


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