1) A person attached to another by personal regard or feelings of affection
2) A person who gives assistance
3) A person who is not hostile

How many true friends do you have? How many people will really be there regardless?
I rediscover every year that there are people who will be there when my world falls down around me. Sometimes I forget; sometimes I feel so very alone, even in a room full of people. On days like today I am grateful for a shoulder, for intervention at the toughest moment, and I feel glad that I have finally found the ability to reach out. I thank God (someone I often have little faith in) that these people are here to support me, and I promise myself that I will never lose sight of their value again.
Of course, I do forget. When a low hits, it seems that there is no one there who can help. I close myself off and try to work things out on my own, however hard it seems to be. I do these people an injustice by shutting myself away, and I still can’t work out how I fail to realise their worth.
Today, I have to say thank you. Today, I have to say I am sorry. I love these people, who remind me of my strength, who guide me through the hardest times. Today, I am determined never to forget again.


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