Thank you x

On a high, such a high…

It’s been so long since I’ve felt like I’m living real life. I’ve been waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen, wishing for things that couldn’t be mine and failing to see the possibilities around me. I know I’m not the only one that does this; I’m one of millions who never realise that life has been put on hold until something comes along to smack you in the face and wake you up.

So here I am, truly smacked, crying emotional, thankful tears for the colour flooding my life again, and feeling hopeful for the future. I’m frightened, sure, but ready to take a chance again and ready to give it everything I have. I don’t know where this will go, but I am enjoying the journey and taking each day as it happens.

The Glad Game is easy today. I’m glad I have friends that know me better than I know myself. I’m glad to be able to make someone special smile. I’m glad that a new chapter in my life is beginning.

And I’m glad that I have found my ‘quelques jours de formidable’ instead of living a lifetime of ordinary. Peut-être que les quelques jours va devenir nombreux…


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