Coffee – A first date

I took time out. Instead of leaving work and coming home and working some more, I went for coffee. Instead of being ‘Miss’ and ‘Mom’, I took some time to just be me.
I met a guy… I think I just experienced a ‘first date’, and I can’t remember the last time I did that. He was a sweet guy, I discovered over coffee, and a clever guy, and an interesting guy. I learned a little about him, and I shared a little about me, and I enjoyed it.
And while I sat there, discovering our shared love of ‘Hitch-hikers Guide’ and comparing notes on education (our own, and our careers) I realised that I keep getting things backwards; I jump in at the deep end and I don’t give first dates a chance. I don’t spend some time with a person and enjoy the discovery of personality and interests, or find the differences and learn from them, and wonder where the path will take us. I keep starting from a different point, way up the line, and things keep going wrong.
What happened to ‘one step at a time’? When did I stop doing that? It was, perhaps, the knowledge that I wasn’t after anything serious that halted any idea of dating (and pointed me instead to a world where everyone knows what is expected) but here I am… that time has passed.
I am looking forward to living my life in order again; I am curious about what ‘date two’ may bring. And, if somewhere down the line it doesn’t work out, there is always time for one more first date.


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