It’s all in the music…

I’m singing again… if you know me, you know I rarely stop. I find myself amazed at the images that music puts into my head, and often lose myself in vivid memories on hearing a song. Today it seems to be that every song I hear makes me think of someone in particular. My friends, I’m giving you theme tunes.

‘With a taste of the poison paradise, I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic’…
Oh yes, you are… toxic indeed. Thank you, Mark Ronson, I like your version much better! I’m sticking with you for the next one too.

‘Knock me down I’ll get right back up again, I’ll come back stronger than a powered up Pac-Man’
Though in all honesty, I could have gone with almost any of Lily Allen’s vocals for you, for you are my Lily.

‘He will do one of two things, he will admit to everything,
Or he’ll say he’s just not the same and you’ll begin to wonder why you came’
The Fray. Is it me I doubt, or is it you?

‘I’m the voice inside your head you refuse to hear
I’m the face that you have to face, mirrored in your stare’
So who are you? Are you my ‘pretender’?

‘Slowly, oh so very slowly, accept that there’s no getting off
So live it, just gotta go with it… coz this ride’s never gonna stop’
I’ll go with it, for you… and for Jem of course; who wouldn’t?

‘Everybody says it’s just another decay of the soul, but I know
I’m a hopeless follower of anything to take me away from this hole in the ground’
Funny that KT makes me think of you, you’re far from hopeless after all.

I wonder if you’d recognise yourselves; I wonder if I’d give you the same song a month from now.
I wonder what my own theme tune would be.

I wonder if I’m overtired and rambling… yes, most likely. Time to sing myself to sleep.


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