I find myself wondering, way too often.
I wonder about what people are thinking when they say certain things. Did they REALLY want to say that in front of an audience? Do they think that they impress people? I wonder about text messages… Sometimes it is hard to make your point in so few words, I know, but sometimes it drives me mad trying to work out what is in front of me.
And then there are the faces people pull. Uncertainty or pain? Are you laughing at me or smiling with me? And, some of you… don’t you know I can see it in your face when you tell me a lie? I have a friend who reads body language so well that sometimes I want to call her to ask her about mannerisms. She offered to teach me once, but I declined. I can’t help but wonder if I would want to know what you’re thinking.
There I go, wondering again. And I also wonder what life is like for the people out there who don’t try to analyse every word or look, the people who go with the flow and don’t stop to worry about what will happen if…
I wonder if I would be happier thinking less. I wonder if life is easier if you don’t have the capacity to wonder so much about absolutely everything. And now I’m wondering how I would go about finding out…


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