The Future Starts Now

These are the years I have to sit and watch,

I’ve held your hand and helped you take your steps,

We’ve known a hundred hurts and broken hearts,

A thousand words that helped you find your strength.

The younger you I fed and clothed and held,

The holding doesn’t stop; I will protect

As much as any mother ever could,

And even as you grow you won’t forget

The times I held you up and made you laugh.

You need me less, as years fly, I’ll confess,

But now the tables turn, you make me proud

To know you’ll make the most of any mess.

The tantrums I’ll forgive (a learning curve),

The worries that I’ve had I will accept

Were needed through the years you grew and learned,

But now you pave your own way to success.

Your futures will be filled with countless joys

And with them, doubtlessly, you’ll find your tests,

But battles we have fought provide the base,

And now I’ll watch you bravely win the rest.


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