Jesus didn’t even like fishes…

So, I’m sleeping a little more. Not when I should sleep… going back to work after an Easter holiday of staying awake most of the night and sleeping until lunchtime might be fun. I am a little concerned about the sleep time activities though.

sleep text

Sleep texting again. I am sorry, my friends, that I send the most ridiculous messages to you while I sleep. Yes, that is a real conversation I had up there… But people don’t believe you’re sleep texting when you do it in the middle of the day. Amongst the top ten for this week are ‘Jesus didn’t even like fishes’ and ‘I wouldn’t do that naked’… I wish I could remember these dreams, they’d probably keep me amused for days.

I woke up a couple of days ago to realise that I’d got up and dressed in my sleep. Well, why not. A time saver on a busy day! I was a little creased by the time I got up though, and ended up getting changed…

And today. I had a phone call this evening, from a friend who was already laughing when I answered. Her first words were, “Are you awake??” “Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked…
Fits of giggles followed, along with the relaying of the conversation I had with her at 9am this morning. Apparently I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ when she answered (no, it isn’t her birthday) and when she asked what was I was playing at, I told her that it should be her birthday every day, before hanging up on her.

Well, maybe it should. I wish I’d thought to do that while awake…


8 thoughts on “Jesus didn’t even like fishes…

      • I have texted in the middle of the night – but i was not sleeping – but the person I was texting – the guy – the face – the person who is breaking me up inside – i kinda wish i could sleep text . I wonder what i would type? i wonder if what would come out of me is the stuff – the harsh stuff – the stuff i would never say and should never say but feel sometimes because I am angry. or, maybe a bunch of silly, goofy junk:)

      • Uhhhh – I did just that last nite, or shall i say this morning, really really early – 2:45. Do not know anything about anything anymore. Humph – sounds like a good title for a poem!

      • I don’t think saying how you feel can be wrong. I think it’s an important part of getting through things… don’t beat yourself up about it. Drop me an email if you want to talk x x

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