Clearing Out – Tears Over Candles

Today I cry over a candle. It seems like such a silly thing.


I was taken back to a shopping trip, the day I bought the candles, and he was there with me. The day before my life fell apart. Lighting this candle brings back what a big part of my life he was, how much I trusted him, how much faith I had in him. Lighting the candle makes me fall apart over memories that will always be there.

I take a look around me and I see other reminders. A necklace I will probably never wear again, even though once it was a permanent fixture around my neck. A film I will never want to watch, a book I will never want to read again. As I clear these items away, I know that there will be so many other things that trigger my memories, things that I can’t put into a bin bag. But I will be stronger with time, and will take these in my stride, I hope.

Today, I need new candles…


3 thoughts on “Clearing Out – Tears Over Candles

  1. what a beautiful post. i have all of my things from him in a plastic bin, in storage. I cannot look at any of it, yet I cannot throw any of it away. so silly, i know. very, very silly.

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