First Day Back…

I’m back at work tomorrow. My first work day in six weeks, and I am terrified. I wish I didn’t feel like a child going to a new school. I’ve never been so worried about being in a classroom in my life.

I have spent the day preparing. Emails are read, lessons are planned, clothes are ready and my bag is packed. All I have to do now is sleep, and actually wake up when my alarm goes off. Please, let me sleep…

Let tomorrow run smoothly; Let there not be too many questions, or too many stresses. Let me have a panic free day. I need this; I need to be back at work, I need to take another step back towards normality.

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “First Day Back…

  1. I wish you lots of luck and love. I am certain you will knock the ball out of the park!! Just do what you know to do and have fun!! Take deep breaths if they are needed and just have fun;).

    Kimberly xx

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