… and the long day is over

I am at the end of my first day back at work, and I have survived. Thank god for that.

My room was a mess, nothing was where it should be and some things were missing altogether. I almost panicked at the realisation that I was teaching first lesson without my (so well) prepared resources, since my computer leads had all disappeared in my absence. But hey, I’m a professional… who needs a whiteboard? (Please note, supply teachers, I HATE IT when you leave my usually well organised room in that state. Did you teach MY classes, or a pack of animals from the zoo??)

Break time arrived but coffee got postponed, due to the collection of year 10 and 11 pupils who had also arrived, to welcome me back. It is nice to know I have been missed, and they filled me in on school gossip I’ve not been around for.

Before I knew it, I had finished teaching my classes and I sat in my room with a cup of coffee and cried floods of tears, because I had survived, and getting to that point filled me with such relief that I couldn’t help it. There were no big panic attacks, I was asked no awkward questions that I couldn’t manage to skilfully avoid and, most of all, I enjoyed seeing those children again.

I was home at six, I had fallen asleep by half past… yes, today has drained me completely. However, I am now planned for tomorrow and ready to go again. I can do this, you know, this is where I belong.

day one


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