A Glass of Wine – Celebrating

It may have been tough, and there may have been tears, but I did get to the end of my first week back and I did survive. I’m even smiling tonight (of course I am, the weekend is here, right?). It has been up and down…

High – Arriving at work on Monday morning 90 minutes early, with plenty of time to see the people I needed to see, and prepare for my first class.

Low – Realising that my room was far from the state I had left it… Supply teachers strike again.

High – Hearing my line manager say, ‘It’s been hell without you.’

Low – Him following up with, ‘Your year 9 class were awful, so were your year 10 class… In fact, they were all really badly behaved.’ Not MY classes, surely, they’re all wonderful for me (with the exception of year 9, of course, but then it is a well known fact that during the first teenage year they are ALL horrible…)

High – Being unable to leave my classroom at break time because of the gang of year 11 pupils who really wanted to welcome me back and fill me in on the gossip.

Low – Having to teach the next two lessons without a caffeine fix…

High – Getting into the hall for staff training without being overtaken with the threatening panic, and seating myself between people I know well and can be comfortable with.

Low – Realising that, 5 minutes in, we were all about to be rearranged ‘out of our comfort zones’. No. Oh god.

High – Being distracted from panic by inappropriate comments at inappropriate times. Funny 🙂

Low – Crying on my head teacher at the end of day two.

High – The kids being so pleased to see me that they all acted like angels…

Low – …except for year 9, who don’t have a halo between them. Cue lad bigger than me, accusing me of racism, favouritism… you name it, I’d done it. Shouting at me until I was shaking, and having to leave the room. Great. Yes, I got sent home.

High – Year 11 girls asking, ‘Did someone upset you, Miss? Making a woman cry, for f**ks sake… and not just a woman, but THE woman…’ Bless those children. However, I could not agree to their suggestion of giving them a name so that they could hurt him.

Low – Sitting in my room not wanting to go in again the next day.

High – Making it in, getting through the day, and having several people tell me how good it was to have me back. (‘The corridor has been SO much more civilised with you stood in your doorway…’)

So here I am, end of the week, unable to sleep but content. I deserve a glass of wine. Just the one though, there’s marking to do in the morning, after all…


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