You Made Me Smile

You made me smile today, when you told me you were proud; you reminded me of how far I’d come and made me think of days when I didn’t have the strength to do what I’m doing now. The bad days aren’t quite so bad anymore.

You made me smile this afternoon when you danced in my classroom because you were glad to have me back. I am glad to be back, and glad to be teaching you again, and more than happy to dance with you.

You made me smile as I drove home from work, and you beeped your horn and grinned and waved at me, over and over again. You looked like an idiot, but you made me smile. Laugh, even.

You made me smile when I read your text that said any decision I make is just fine with you, and anyone else who cares about me. My head filled up with people who care, and I had something to smile about.

You made me smile today, when you called me extraordinary. Your words have touched my heart many a time, and I am honoured that I strike a chord with you.

You made me smile tonight when you let me draw on your face… you looked stunning as a cat with glasses, and I have a picture that will make me giggle forever. You laughed with me, and that moment was worth more than all the other moments put together (‘Erm… Have I got something on my face??’).

This is today’s version of the Glad Game, I suppose. I will keep trying to surround myself with people that make me smile, and I will hope that I can make you smile with me.



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