1) Extreme foolishness or irrationality

2) A deranged state of mind usually occurring from a specific disorder


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

I keep being told that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I’d like to believe that I am more genius than insane but, when I examine my life, I do wonder…

We all have moments of irrationality, when we behave in a manner which we wouldn’t usually. I have found myself thinking, “No one in their right mind would be doing THIS… What AM I doing…”, more times than I care to count over the years, but I can usually find the reason why if I think long enough (‘Risk Taking’ comes up fairly often; what fun is life without risks??).

But what about the times that you do exactly the same thing, and still expect things to work out differently? Is it insanity? Is it just plain stupidity? I grew up being told that I must always try, “…for if you don’t persevere, you’ll never get it right!” Is this what the well meaning adults in my life meant, for me to keep doing the same thing again and again?

I wonder how many times I have uttered the words, “I should have known…” or, “I knew this would happen…”. Sometimes I can’t help but think I would have seen things coming, if only I’d thought more carefully. How many chances, for example, should you give people to get things right? How many times should you forgive, before you decide that it would be insanity to let them try again?

When does risk taking become insane? When does forgiveness become stupidity? Help me out here…


8 thoughts on “Insanity

    • The problem I have is knowing when the forgiveness will cause grief I think. I know forgiving the same person over and over is likely to be a bad plan, but even the best of us make mistakes. Forgiveness has brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had x x

      • The problem is not in having hope. The problem is when the hope fades. It kills a tiny, little part of us, to give up on hope. So when you are risk taking, you weigh the cost of forgiveness versus the cost of killing that little part of you. Women have died, rather than give up on hope. Just make sure your scales are truly balanced. Live with your eyes wide open.

  1. a wonderful post. I very much liked the response from garageknitstudio. it is hard to know when forgiveness for the same person should end, or when we – i am speaking about me – should give up and let go and move on – and forgive myself for making the same error over and over again – an error made as a result of rationalizing and over thinking. see, i am doing it right now!

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