Medicated Madness

Evening, bloggers…

It has been a while, here’s hoping I find you well. I’ve been lost in a drug induced daze, somewhere between insanity and illusion, finding my way out long enough to function at work, but not long enough to do much else.

‘Tis an interesting world where I ramble about hedgehogs in my sleep, and reply to my daughter’s, “Can I borrow your tweezers?” with, “Does it have to be one with a head scarf?” Throw in the dreams that seem so real about my mother setting me on fire, or picking up pieces of broken glass with which I am supposed to ‘fix’ myself, and it all seems rather surreal.

Concentration takes effort… serious effort… no wonder I sleep so well right now. Can you tell me how long these side effects will last? Will I always wake up wondering what day (or month) it is?

More words. I’ll keep trying to put it into words, and you can just let me know when I stop making sense. Sound good to you?


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