Medicated Madness Again…

In the last hour, I have spent approximately 4 minutes wondering whether the hedge in my garden is quite as wide as it is high, and another 2 minutes looking for the tape measure to find out. I couldn’t find it, but I got distracted by texting people and wondering whether I was making any sense at all. This has taken up at least 10 minutes. Seems like a lot, I know, but with the current state of my brain I have to check everything 10 times over.

I’ve taken up several minutes wondering why one leg hurts more than the other. I came to the conclusion that I must have one muscle longer than the other… either that or I lean more on my left leg when I’m trimming hedges. Sounds reasonable.

Another few minutes were spent thinking about my daughter getting married. Not that she is, she’s only just 16 after all… but she’s going to have a ‘gothic wedding’, she told me earlier. Stop thinking about that… ’tis many years away.

In between I have wondered why I haven’t dreamed about boxes for a while… and whether being a nun is a good idea… and if it would be possible to build a house out of boxes for nuns to live in. I figure just about anything can be made out of boxes, but it might need some varnish to make it rainproof. Can you varnish cardboard?

This could all be a dream, it seems so unreal. Is my brain asleep before my body?

If it is, then I can confess anything right now and no one will know a thing… right? It’d be like talking in my sleep. Or laughing… I do that sometimes. I could make my confessions and then laugh out loud and everyone would think I was sleep talking. Possibly it is time for me to just go to sleep…


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