Happy Birthday, Son x x x x


Dearest Son,

Here we are, your 13th birthday, and it seems like just yesterday I held you for the first time. This time 13 years ago, I was soaking in a warm bath, feeling contractions and knowing it wouldn’t be too long until you arrived.

Those years have flown, and they have been wonderful in so many ways. I remember the laid back toddler you were, so different to your sister, happy to sit and watch the world go by without a care. I remember the shy little boy who hid behind the other children at the Mother’s Day concert so that we wouldn’t be able to see you sing along (or NOT sing… because you liked to sing just for me, but not in front of so many people).

I remember your imagination, the squirrels you were going to train to help me in the kitchen, the spies we evaded on the way to school… There was always an adventure with my little boy. And life is an adventure still.

You never fail to surprise me; your humour is wonderful, your capacity for caring is endless, your intelligence is thought provoking and you make me so proud. I’ve watched you grow from that cute little boy into a handsome young man with the ‘big man’ voice that you used to put on. I’ve seen your confidence soar and your thinking mature, and I know that the world holds nothing you cannot overcome.

I love you, my boy, my sweet, kind, clever young man, and I will love you always. There are just so many things to love.

Happy birthday, Son x x x x x x x x


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Son x x x x

  1. 13. Wow. My youngest will be 16 in October. And my oldest – my first baby will be graduating high school a week from tomorrow. Oh my god – I am trying very hard to not lose it. My baby is graduating high school. Where did all of the time go?

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