Dreaming or Real Life?

I’m beginning to realise that the lines are merging… I don’t know where the dreams stop and reality begins.

The angels… they must have been a dream. They wanted to kill off everyone I knew, but make it look like I’d done it myself. There were bombs, and poisons, and even a gun. Scary to know me at that point, but I doubt that the angels have nothing more to worry about than me.

A proposal… that seemed like it must have been a dream, but there is evidence to the contrary. So real life, I guess, though probably not serious real life eh. Though a proposal should be serious business.

What about the man from Transylvania? Was he real? Not a clue… but he wasn’t the one wearing shades, was he… Hmmmmmm. Did I just make a date with a vampire? I think my brain might have made that up…

The rehearsal, I’m pretty sure that was real. In my dreams I’d have remembered all of the lyrics and not made any of them up. I’d like to say that no one noticed, I was that smooth, but I’d be lying. Two weeks and I will be P!nk no longer; that’s a little sad.

But not as sad as trying to work out whether I’m living in the real world or not. When do the side effects end?

And what is the music in my head? Did Lily Allen really duet with P!nk?



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