Teenage Sex


My daughter came to me two weeks ago to tell me that she was thinking of sex with her boyfriend of three months. After a lengthy conversation with her about emotions, not rushing into things and being careful, we booked a doctor’s appointment, and I went with her today to discuss options.

The outcome is that, next week, my not so little girl will have a contraceptive injection that lasts 3 months. Of course, we have discussed safe sex and STI’s, and she promises to keep herself protected in that respect too.

Now, I think I’ve done the sensible thing. The doctor also thought it was sensible, and commented on how grown up my daughter is to be discussing it all with her mum.

However, there are a couple of people I’ve spoken to about it that seem to think I’m doing wrong by my 16 year old, and that I’m encouraging her to have teenage sex. Is it really encouragement, or is it living with the fact that she’ll probably do it anyway, whether I know about it or not, and making sure that she does it safely? I don’t think I can stop her, if she really wants to do it, so am I not just making sure she is prepared? I’m proud of her for coming to me, it can’t be an easy subject to broach with your mum, and I’m proud of the relationship we have. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


11 thoughts on “Teenage Sex

  1. wow, you have a brilliant young lady for a daughter:) of course you already know that. I believe what you did was the smart thing to do. You are right – kids are smart – meaning they will do something if they really put their minds to it – and stuoid because they are still kids. adults are stupid – if they think that kids cannot figure out how to do things they (the parents) think is wrong. You are a smart chickie:) You are smart mom chickie to a smart young lady chickie!

    • Thank you 🙂
      I think some of the people I know live life with their eyes closed to what happens around us… Things don’t go away just because you ignore them, do they! My girl is growing into a wonderful, sensible lady… Therefore I must be doing something right 🙂 x x

  2. I am going to talk about teenage sex later in my blog. Not being a teen long ago I applaud you and your daughter. I think what you did and what she did was admirable. Check out my blog sometime! I may even write about teenage sex tonight!

  3. I think you did the loving thing. Because chemistry at that age is all brand new, very powerful and completely irresistible. The drug of love is intense at any age. And you are a wonderful mother for following your intuition in that way.

  4. I agree with Words4jp. What you did shows that you are confident of how you raised your daughter. She learned a lot about safe sex that day but more importantly she learned that you trust her. You trust her and she will trust you back.

  5. It’s terrific that you have that openness. That is a treasure. The fact that you have shown her how to be responsible- priceless. She may not feel the urge so strongly, if she knows the ramifications. But she knows that you will be there, if it all goes wrong. Kudos on fostering such a great relationship!

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