Something to Read?

AM Holmes

My latest reading project… A.M. Homes.

So far, I’ve read two of Amy’s novels (of course we’re on first name terms…) and I found both of them hard to put down.

That isn’t to say they are ‘nice’ stories; ‘The End of Alice’ in particular I found to be quite an uncomfortable read, about a convicted child molester and murderer. They compelled me to continue reading, nevertheless. Her characters are flawless, her style is down to earth and her storylines ask serious questions about serious topics.

I need to read more…


4 thoughts on “Something to Read?

    • I can’t remember who recommended her now, but I’m always after new things to read that will make me think. And she certainly does that! I’ll keep the recommendations coming your way, your ‘to read’ list will be as long as mine eventually πŸ™‚

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