Active Engagement

I have just finished planning my training session on ‘Active Engagement in the Maths Classroom’, ready for tomorrow. I found it hard, not because I find it hard to engage children that I teach, but because it is such an integrated part of my lesson planning process that I do it without thinking about it. My pupils think nothing of coming into a lesson that I teach the first twenty minutes of without saying a word, or a lesson where they are up out of their seats, teaching each other and playing an active role in their learning. So tonight I had to deconstruct my planning and decide what strategies I can share with the rest of the staff in my department.

There is a danger that people will be seeing strategies that they use already… However, it is entirely possible that there will be some staff who are surprised by almost everything I show them. I’ll demonstrate ‘Snowballing’, ‘Memory Mapping’, ‘Peer Teach’, ‘Go Fish’ and a few other ideas I use in my lessons. I’m not sure whether I’m hoping they’ve not seen these, or whether they use them all the time… for the sake of the pupils, I hope they use some of them.

Now I’m wondering if any of my teaching friends on here can give me some fresh ideas; anyone out there willing to share? I’d really like to keep my colleagues actively engaged…


2 thoughts on “Active Engagement

  1. i am afraid that math is my absolute worst subject ever – i am totally sucky! but i will say this much – it is nice to hear (read) that a teacher is trying to make an effort to try something new and/or different to reach her students minds!

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