Fan Mail?

I’ve been away a while… year 11 exams… When exam season hits, there is no rest for the wicked, apparently! I’ve not checked mail for a week, so today it has taken me a little time to catch up with my WordPress friends. Yet again, you keep me entertained, bloggers… interesting reads today…


‘Dear OrdinaryGirl,

I’ve been wondering how you are, as I’ve not seen you post recently. Is all well? How are things in the teaching world?

Someone told me that the countdown has begun for the wonder filled six weeks holiday now, are you counting days too? I ask as a lover of beaches and penguins, for I look forward to finding out how the penguins like the sand. Does the sand affect their sliding ability at all?

I hear Ofsted are in your area. A right prickly bunch, that lot. Not as prickly as hedgehogs though, I’m sure you are aware. If you are unlucky enough to get the call this side of the holiday, I hope they find you well prepared and ready to give them everything you have. In teaching terms, anyway… I’d quite like some of the rest.

Hoping you’re well and blogging soon,

Yours Truly xxx’


Well… Thanks, ‘Yours Truly,’ for giving me faith that I am not the only borderline insane person out there.

The teaching world is full of ups and downs, as always, but still full of rewards. I am indeed counting down (24 working days to go) and very much in need of a break. The coast is my desired destination, of course, and I hope to spend countless hours staring at the sea. As for penguins, the sand gives them friction burns, I believe, but next time I see one I’ll be sure to ask for confirmation.

I hope you’re wrong about Ofsted. I could do without that right now. I would be prepared, yes, but I’m rather tired and feeling the strain. Not sure I’d do myself justice.

Take care, Yours Truly, enjoy the sunshine.

OrdinaryGirl x x x x x

P.S. What do you know about hedgehogs??


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