Classroom Fun

A day of observations tomorrow… how much fun will that be?

I fear I won’t sleep tonight for questions running around my head… Did I differentiate enough? Will I remember to write up all key words? Can I show good pupil progress? Have I prepared properly for EAL students? Is my lesson creative? Will the kids behave??

I have an outstanding reputation to live up to, after all. Here’s hoping I don’t let myself down.


5 thoughts on “Classroom Fun

  1. What age do you teach? I am somewhat new to your blog and might have missed it. I do think you will do fine simply because you are aware of the outstanding reputation. Good luck. 😉

  2. you will be awesome! have you ever heard the old cliche – when you go out and give a speech to an audience, that you should imagine them naked? (supposed to help with nerves) Tomorrow, you should imagine everyone in the classroom as penguins and hedgehogs and channel your inner Pink!


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