Watch That Language!


My lesson went well. My marking and feedback is by far the best in the department, my differentiated activities challenge all abilities, my questioning draws the answers from the students and I clearly know them well.

When my observer said that there was one thing I needed to be aware of, I was ready to take note, as always. My language, she said, might get me into trouble. I thought back, wondering what I could have possibly said that I shouldn’t have… Did I swear? Did I use sarcasm, which is often frowned upon? I’m usually so careful about the things I say, and I couldn’t think of anything that stood out as bad practice.

She reminded me of the two girls who had been talking at an inappropriate moment, and my response to it. “Come on, girlies,” I said, “Pay attention!”

Girlies. Not proper English. I’m told an Ofsted inspector could well slate me for that, as well as ‘guys’, that I know I use often. Oh dear. Now I’m thinking of things I could call my little angels instead…


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