600 Hours of Reading

600 hours

Ok, it didn’t take me that long. Nowhere near that long.

I liked Edward, I really did. I hated his parents, possibly his mother even more than his father, for not standing up for him. Edward has Asperger’s Syndrome and OCD. He lives his life by a strict schedule, even refusing to start his therapy sessions a minute early, and recording the time he wakes each day. His parents find him so hard to deal with that he lives alone, seeing them once a month for dinner and communicating the rest of the time via letters from his father’s lawyer.

The book follows Edward through 600 hours of his life, documenting the events that throw his routine into chaos when a single mum and her son move in across the road. Suddenly Edward has a friend… and this brings stress and joy in equal measure.

Edward is a wonderful character; I felt his heartache and his confusion with him. Read it… I think you’ll like him too.


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