Curtain Call

curtain call

Expression set, smile perfected

Animated conversation punctuated with giggles.

Behind the scenes I analyse

Too aware of my words and my reactions

Waiting for the slip of a miscalculated phrase.

Outwardly confident, sure of myself

Advisor, confidante and mentor in one.

Between the lines I’m worrying

How long before they expose me as a fraud,

As an expert in nothing, a guru of insignificance.

Carefree comebacks, comical insinuations

Life and soul of any conversation.

Behind the screen I swipe at tears

Infuriated at my own weaknesses and impotence

Listening to a requiem in my mind.


4 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. Curtain calls are not always the end – it can be an intermission!! I am so sorry you are struggling. Keep writing – get the ‘yuck’ out. Can you go to the beach this weekend?? Jam to Pink in the car?? Would you like my email address?

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