The Sad Game?

I’m trying to play the Glad Game, just for you, because you tell me I have to. But I’m stuck.

Can I be glad that I’ve spent the day working, completed lesson plans and marked books? No… It reminds me that I spend too much time working, and that I’m spending my time doing insignificant things. Then I realise that I spend a lot of my time doing insignificant things, and I think about my children.

Usually my children give me a reason to be glad. Today, no such feeling… While I was out on Friday, trying to clear my head by taking a drive, my mother was wiping away my son’s tears because he called her instead of me. I spent yesterday with my boy trying to get him to talk about how he feels, but we got nowhere. He is down, and I can’t fix it. I can’t even work out why.

When I get to this point in the thought train I can go no further. All I can do is cry.


5 thoughts on “The Sad Game?

  1. I know this situation, and it effects my whole family. I won’t advise, but I can say that the smallest adjustments, even in our thinking, will make a huge difference.

  2. I am with Johnny. this happens – just tell him you love him and let him know you are always ‘there’ regardless. this is what i have done and still do.


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