Guardian AWOL

Guardian of my heart makes decisions esteemed.

Fights for my resilience of spirit,

Fearless in my certainty,

Offers me love unconditional, unmitigated.


Guardian of my soul shows me peace unparalleled.

Disregards the hellions of catastrophe,

Triumphs over serpents of torment,

Provides harmonious repose to convalesce.


Guardian of my dreams watches over my sleep.

Battles the demons who rule in the underworld,

Brings me to life free of fiasco,

Permits the walk through dreamscape poppies.


Guardian of mine is gone,

Unreachable in distress,

Unapproachable in failure,

Absent in emergency.



5 thoughts on “Guardian AWOL

  1. how are you? i finally have a functional computer – not certain why i found some of your comments in my spam folder other than the fact this has been happening to other bloggers. Enuf of that – I am back – I hope you are doing well – 🙂 i think of you often. xx

      • Yeh! You are back. I am just a worry wort kinda person. Taking time off is a good thing. I wish I could do that. For me, all is moving along. My oldest leaves for college this week. He will be 5.5 hours away. I knew this would happen, but I am having trouble wrapping my head around it. I am just an over emotional mom who is not wanting her baby to fly away from the nest. My other son is trying out for the soccer team at school this week and the following week starts school and drivers Ed. He will be 16 at the end of October. I am trying my best to stay level headed. Holidays are coming up and I fall completely apart. How is your family? xxxx

      • I dread the day I have to face the same… and it won’t be long at all.
        Mine are good, my daughter has been away for a few days, hiking, rock climbing etc so I’ve had some mother-son time for a change. It’s been lovely x x

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