A Trial Indeed


A week away from home with my daughter, an emotionally draining week, and we are both so glad to be home.

I would never have guessed how long everything takes in a Court of Law, until this week. A whole day for jury selection, another long day before the jury were sworn in, and all the time we sat and waited. I’d like to have said we waited patiently, but I’d be lying.  It was a week of worry, stress and tears. How many statements my daughter ended up making, I have no idea… it seemed like one after another, and for a while I was ready to attack anyone who approached her again.

Internet predators targeted my daughter, my young, naïve, idiotic daughter and it has taken so long to get to court. My daughter and I have worked hard to repair the trust in our relationship; it was an ordeal to have our bond tested yet again by the court process. We came out on top, I’m glad to say. We may have cried, but we cried together.

We got the perfect result in the end; guilty pleas without having to give evidence. Hats off to the investigating officer and the Crown Prosecution barrister for tying up any loose threads with all those statements. These people will never again be free to work with children and the world feels just a little bit safer.

I’m proud of my daughter today; she acted like the perfect young adult. She stood up for what she believed, however much of a trial it was.


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