Be My Bridesmaid?


My beautiful ex and dear friend is getting married (CONGRATS! I shout, just in case she reads this).

Now, it doesn’t feel strange that she’s asked me to be bridesmaid because she’s my ex… she is one of my dearest friends too. I’m not put off by the fact that she’s only known her lover for 3 months. If it’s right for her, then it’s right. I won’t be like her family and cringe at the thought of a same sex ceremony; knowing her as I do, it is guaranteed to be the event of the year and, if she’s happy, why should anyone care?

But… A dress? Must I?? Oh god…

I’ve been thinking. Since they will both be wearing dresses, can’t I wear a suit? Not convinced she’ll go for this though.

How about a reading instead? I did a reading at my sister’s wedding recently; it was beautiful. I’m good at reading. Better than I am at wearing a dress, without a doubt. And no, I didn’t wear a dress for my sister’s wedding either…

Joking aside, I am honoured to be asked. Of course I’ll be your bridesmaid. I’ll wear whatever you want, even frills if you require it. I’m glad to see you smiling and happy. Much love, my dearest x x x x


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