Dreaming of Ofsted Inspectors


It must be playing on my mind, knowing the Ofsted call could come any day.

I was sitting in my classroom marking books, when my line manager came in to talk me through some changes.

“It’s been decided,” he announced, “that the best way to impress Ofsted is for us to talk in rhyme. It shows a good grasp of literacy and, depending on what pentameter you use, numeracy too.”

Interesting, I thought, and spent the night trying to make my lesson plans rhyme. I practised with my children, and we rhymed over dinner, and homework and chores.

During my lesson the next day I heard a knock at the door, and watched as my line manager ushered an inspector into my room. Year 9 had been investigating area and we’d come to the point in the lesson where they needed to share their findings. So I set them off…

While the children are talking, I catch the eye of Mr Ofsted and realise I know this man. Oh my.

Suddenly I’m being asked questions, and I’m stumbling to find rhymes for my answers. Every single rhyme I can think of is something highly inappropriate to say in front of my pupils, and I know I’m blushing and stuttering. Mr Ofsted seems to understand my predicament, and starts to laugh out loud.

I think perhaps rhyming is not the way to go when Ofsted appear…



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