The girl who cried

I knew a girl who cried a lot,

I often tried to make her stop

But couldn’t, for the hurt inside

Was much too great for her to hide.

She dreamed of things that never came

And to herself she dealt the blame,

For though she wished and wanted more

She couldn’t end the blasted war

That fought inside her head each day

And so she tried to hide away.

But there were folk who persevered

and helped to stem the flow of tears.

She learned to say her hurts out loud,

Began to speak with head unbowed,

Realised that she wouldn’t break

That her smile, so often fake,

Could be more regularly true

If from another point of view

She saw the world and all its might;

And from that day she learned to fight

Another day; She’s now at ease.

She feels no need to try to please

The masses who would bring her down,

Those who’d gladly let her drown.

No longer is she full of dread

While thinking of the days ahead.





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