Stupidest Things

You say the silliest things sometimes

“Maybe our hearts were next in line.”

Maybe your mouth works overtime

And maybe I’m just supposed to pine.

The stupidest of things you say;

“Love is whatever you betray,”

But betraying love won’t make me stay

And dramatic conflict is so passé…

My love, I can’t listen to stupid things,

It feels like roundabouts and swings;

While you sit alone and “count blessings”

I might just settle for less of a sting.

You still say the silliest things, you know,

Searching for somewhere “beyond the rainbow,”

Performing some lack-lustre bland cameo,

Telling your audience, “Go with the flow…”

The stupidest things let’s no longer repeat

No wish to play foul or appear indiscreet

Murdering passion with lies and deceit

Rendering previous verse obsolete…

The stupidest things

That silliest saying

Repeated too often

Melodious misplaying


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