Where did you go? I’ve looked so hard

And far to find you but I can’t.

It’s not a case of hide and seek,

Deep down inside this feels like grief.

A loss too big, too grave, too steep

To bear; and even as I sleep

I dream of you, of times gone by,

Of times I felt your strength inside

And tried to wake, to find you here

And now I feel this crippling fear.

You’re not about to retrace steps

You’re not about to sort this mess

I’ve been ignoring; You are gone

And I’ve been waiting far too long.

It isn’t you that’s lost, it’s me

I can’t be who I used to be.

I need to grieve myself and try

To put aside the hurt; I cry

For her, the girl still gone,

I’ll try to love who I’ve become.


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